Culliton is Now Working With QC Solver

QCsolver is a due diligence and document repository website that assists customers in managing their  suppliers and contractors. Accessible wherever there is an internet connection (and your login credentials), QCsolver works with customers, suppliers and contractors to minimize administrative activities to maximize transparency throughout the lifecycle of a project. 

Since October 14th, 2013, any subcontractor or supplier working with Culliton will be required to subscribe to QCsolver. QCsolver will collect all required documentation (e.g. General Company Information including: Insurance, WSIB, Health & Safety, References etc.) as part of our due diligence process. 

There are several benefits that suppliers and contractors receive when participating in this process: 

  1. Continue to be a provider of goods and/or services to Culliton 
  2. Access to automatic notifications advising when updates are required 
  3. Access to a centralized document repository to maintain current information

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