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We help customers succeed by optimizing building systems, reducing operating costs and actively assessing future needs.

Facilities Management

Our work spanning the entire building life cycle helps deliver confidence. From construction projects and installations to preventative maintenance and service repair, our field technicians and customer support team work together to provide timely solutions to your facility’s needs.
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Government facilities often require trade contractors to meet stringent standards associated with security clearance, project bonding, scheduling & coordination, and timely response. CULLITON meets and exceeds these standards.
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CULLITON has extensive experience as a trade contractor working within the healthcare segment. We’re skilled in accommodating the scale, complexity, and detail required to be successful at every stage of the building life cycle.
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Educational facilities need to maintain continuous operations, delivering safety and comfort for occupants. CULLITON delivers services including preventative maintenance and repair to meet these needs 24/7.
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Many manufacturing facilities operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their need for continuous productivity is unrelenting. Our dedicated customer service team and technicians are available around the clock to respond to your phone call or online requests within minutes.
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From retail space to office environment – commercial spaces require ongoing preventative maintenance and prompt service support to deliver comfort to occupants.
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Going the extra mile for our customers is what CULLITON is all about.
Our employees are highly trained and well equipped, reliable, friendly, thorough and knowledgeable.
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