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Why I stayed 25 years, explains Mike Drake

Mike Drake’s job is to find the best equipment and materials at the best possible price. He then recommends to CULLITON which companies, known as core vendors, should be contracted to supply those things on an ongoing basis.

It’s also his job to make sure they do what they say they’ll do.

Think of him as the company’s negotiator and enforcer. Formally, his title is Coordinator - Purchasing.

Mike joined the company in 1989, first hired as an assistant to the electrical purchaser. He was soon promoted through the ranks and in 2000 was asked to oversee purchasing for all three departments – mechanical, electrical and HVAC. Now he pretty much does it all.

"Time goes by quickly, sometimes too quickly," he says. "You know you’ve really accomplished something at the end of the week."

When Mike joined CULLITON in 1989 he didn’t expect to stay 25 years. "It’s not because I didn’t like it here, I just didn’t know the company that well. At the time, there were people who’d been here 10, 20 years and I still didn’t get it. Now I get it – and I’m glad I stayed."

Mike says working for a healthy, growth-oriented company like CULLITON has allowed him to support his family and send his kids to university. "They’ve given me security and advancement opportunities, whether I was looking for them or not."

"There’s one vision for the company and everything we do supports it," he adds. "They expect a healthy day’s work for a day’s pay – and that’s fair enough. You always know where you stand with this company and that’s important to me. I know I’m going to be honest, direct and ethically sound – and that’s the CULLITON way."