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Variety, mobility, Camaraderie

It's satisfying to work for a company where you're encouraged to learn new skills and advance through the ranks to increasingly challenging jobs.

John Williams knows all about that. He started with CULLITON back in 1968 as a fourth-year apprentice electrician.

Over the next four decades he earned his electrician's certification and steadily worked his way up to the senior position he holds today in Electrical Design and Estimating, an interesting and demanding role that draws upon his vast knowledge, experience and attention to detail.

He now designs and estimates the cost of customized electrical systems for CULLITON's industrial, commercial and institutional customers and puts together proposals tailored to each project.

"It's been great working here over the years and I especially enjoy the job I have now," says John, who is gradually easing his way towards retirement.

"Because of the nature of the job, I get to meet a lot of new people and every electrical system we design is unique to the customer and the equipment they use. It never gets boring."

Having that mobility, variety and customer contact has made for a diverse and satisfying career at CULLITON. John also works as part of a team and the co-worker camaraderie, he says, "makes for a great work environment."

And then there's the culture of respect that has long characterized the management style at CULLITON. "You really are appreciated for what you accomplish and what you do here," says John, "and I appreciate what the company has done for me. It's a two-way street."