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Success means evolving, says Ted Lange

CULLITON is continually refining its processes to achieve cost savings, improve quality, and enhance safety – all of which allow the company to be more competitive.

By incorporating pre-fabrication into their production model, CULLITON – and their customers – are reaping the benefits of assembling some components off-site. Significant advantages, in terms of time and cost, are gained by constructing portions of a job right in the CULLITON shops with support from core suppliers, then transporting the assembled pieces to the job site where they’re installed.

The parts suitable for pre-fabrication are identified during the Agile Construction process, which involves breaking complex projects into smaller components and using a reliable but flexible system to plan, schedule and track the work.

"If you’re making these parts on site, project conditions and issues play a big part in lost productivity," explains Ted Lange, CULLITON’s Chief Operating Officer. "When we can pre-fabricate something off-site, it saves time, saves money, it standardizes the process and improves quality."

CULLITON pre-fabricates a lot of different components, mechanical and electrical, but the methodology is virtually the same for them all. The company has also developed unique transportation systems to accommodate all their pre-fabricated components, moving them from shop to job site with utmost efficiency.

"There are lots of hidden benefits to doing things this way. One of the biggest is it allows us to stay up with the schedule," says Ted.

"It’s all about finding a way to become more efficient and more competitive. At the end of the day we have to keep evolving. If we don’t our competition will."