winning your trust since 1932

Service, Maintenance and Repair

CULLITON is a strong multi-trade contractor in the disciplines of  Mechanical, Electrical, and HVAC.

We have earned a solid reputation for providing service, maintenance and repair for the most sophisticated customers in the most complex of environments in all sectors, Institutional, Industrial, Commercial, and Residential. Hundreds of satisfied customers have come to count on CULLITON for their daily need to keep their work environments productive, efficient and safe.

We perform regular maintenance work, monitor systems and consult with our customer when ongoing improvements or repairs are necessary.  We consult with our clients and make recommendations to solve problems. 

To ensure quick response, we use a computerized dispatch system and our team knows our clientele and dispatches the appropriately trained technician. Our technicians are highly skilled, well trained and equipped with the latest in communication and diagnostic tools.  They are also available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for emergency work.

CULLITON technical staff can design, order, fabricate, install and manage, installation jobs of all sizes, allowing our customer to concentrate on the business that they do best.

Mechanical Service & Maintenance

Process and production piping, plumbing, water treatment systems and equipment relocation are just the major part of our Mechanical Services.

Electrical Service & Maintenance

CULLITON provides everything required for plant empowerment, control wiring, process and production wiring, computer cabling, generators, lighting, and emergency systems.

HVAC Service & Maintenance

CULLITON offers a proactive approach on heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment with the increasingly important role of preventative maintenance.