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Planning and tracking keep CULLITON on target says Ted Lange

When your company works on multi-million-dollar construction projects, maximizing efficiencies and minimizing risk are key to staying on schedule and on budget. That’s where CULLITON Executive Vice-President Ted Lange comes in.

Ted started with CULLITON in 1975, initially becoming licensed in two different trades. He then ‘learned his way up’ the managerial ladder, quickly earning a reputation for his ability to analyze, formulate and execute detail-oriented plans.

His combined experience in management and the trades made him perfect for the job of designing and implementing a system for tracking labour costs and ensuring projects stay on target.

"Right out of the gate we recognized three key areas that needed refining. Our company and our tradespeople needed the right tools, the right materials and the right information," explains Ted. "Together, these are what drive efficiency."

By changing the strategy for dealing with tools and materials, the company saw immediate improvements.

But the information part of the package was also critical, so Ted investigated and then implemented a relatively new concept known as Agile Construction.

It involves breaking complex projects into smaller components and using a reliable but flexible system to plan, schedule and track the work – with detailed updates continually flowing between company headquarters and the worksite.

This allows CULLITON to know exactly where it’s at on a project at any given time. It minimizes risk, quickly pinpoints potential problems – and leads to more accurate and competitive quotes.

"I feel like I’ve been training for this role my entire career," says Ted.