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Our Core Beliefs


CULLITON is a culture gripped by a pride to deliver quality and value to their customers. This is a pride that has defined CULLITON and the work it has delivered since 1932. It is a pride that never rests on its laurels, but always seeks to prove itself through what it actually delivers. It is about winning your trust since 1932.

Quality and Value

Quality begins at CULLITON with understanding the exact expectations and needs of our customers; quality ends at CULLITON when we not only meet those expectations and needs, but we exceed them. Going the extra mile for our customers is what CULLITON is all about. At CULLITON we not only seek to exceed industry specific standards and codes, but we seek to deliver to our customers unsurpassed value through continuous time and budgetary management, ever improving operational efficiencies and the cost benefit of a quality product, consistently delivered.


At CULLITON we believe in sharing our successes with our customers, our employees and our community. We believe that opportunity is not to be greedily or exclusively held, for it belongs to everyone and should be shared accordingly. At CULLITON we believe there truly are win/win situations.

At CULLITON we see each of our customer’s problems as our problems. In contrast to the more adversarial approaches taken to doing business, at CULLITON we have an 83 year history of building customer trust, actually earning it, which means our customers experience us as standing alongside them to meet their needs and solve their problems.

At CULLITON we embrace diversity. At CULLITON we believe in our employees and their advancement. At CULLITON we want our business opportunities to become a professional opportunity for each and every employee. So at CULLITON we train and equip our employees to seize our opportunities as their own.

At CULLITON we give back to the communities of which we are part. Over the years, this has taken the form of supporting community recreational activities, fundraising for healthcare institutions and contributing to the educational advancement of associations within the industry to which CULLITON belongs.

At CULLITON we believe there truly are win/win situations.