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Nurturing a Culture of Safety

"Safety is a core value here at CULLITON and it permeates from the top down."

That observation comes from Chris Makohn, the company’s Safety Co-ordinator.

With a professional background in Occupational Health and Safety, Chris is responsible for making sure CULLITON maintains its solid safety record and is always in compliance with the law.

"Our rating has been favourable for years and that’s quite an accomplishment, especially when you work on construction sites," says Chris. "I think most people understand if you have an unsafe work environment you not only risk injury and poor morale, you’re also at risk for unnecessary costs. So there’s both a moral and a financial obligation."

It’s up to Chris to ensure the company has the necessary policies and procedures, the training and proper equipment to minimize those risks.

"The big, sophisticated projects we work on absolutely depend on a safe environment," says Chris, "and the general contractors we work with demand it."

Not coincidentally, CULLITON enjoys a positive rating with the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB), which balances a company’s total hours of labour with the number of injuries it’s had. To stay current, Chris also participates in a safety group, where contractors of similar size and services discuss safety trends and issues.

He also tracks changes in Ministry of Labour regulations, which are increasingly focused on accident prevention and training. "My job is definitely challenging and fast-paced," Chris notes, "but I always know I’m supported by a company whose safety values are engrained in its business culture."