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It’s great to be growing, says Tricia Murray

When Tricia Murray joined CULLITON in 2001 she was the company’s first and only project co-ordinator. Today, as Administrator of Estimating & Construction she‘s responsible for managing a team of project co-ordinators.

"That’s one of the things I really like about working for CULLITON – they want to see the business grow and they want to see the employees grow within it," says Tricia.

Tricia, who has an economics degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, oversees the administrative requirements of each construction project. It begins when a bid opportunity is identified, and includes everything from insuring CULLITON is a prequalified contractor, to meeting tender deadlines and tracking the execution of projects, their schedules and billing. "My job has been focused around building the team and building the processes within it," she says.

But every construction job is different and that’s one of the biggest challenges.

"Every project is different in size, in scope and involves a different mix of general contractors, engineers, architects and owners. Every project is unique that way," she says.

Tricia was also part of the CULLITON team that first introduced Agile Construction, a system that breaks down complex projects into smaller components which can be individually planned, scheduled and tracked, with updates flowing between worksites and CULLITON headquarters. "It makes productivity visible," she says, "and identifies problems before they have a chance to escalate."