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Getting the right information at the right time is Sarah White’s job

Once CULLITON has nailed down another project and the contract is secured, Sarah White gets busy. Very busy.

As Estimating & Construction Admin, she acts as the information liaison for CULLITON, its estimators, the construction site team and the client – both before the job actually begins and once it’s underway.

It’s Sarah’s job to assemble all the start-up documentation such as the budget, safety checklist, and anything else that’s relevant, and send it to CULLITON’s internal team. She also pulls together a different package for the client, which includes things like insurance coverage and safety requirements.

"The paperwork is unique to each project," explains Sarah, who joined the company in 2011 with an Accounting Diploma from Conestoga College.

Once a job is underway, she then moves into tracking mode, assembling reports and information which indicate a project’s progress, ensure CULLITON is on budget and on schedule – and which identify any potential obstacles to meeting those targets.

To say that Sarah needs to be organized would be an understatement.

"Oh yes, it gets very busy here," she admits, "but there’s a lot of variety and I really like that. Everything in the construction industry varies so much so you get to learn a lot about productivity and financials, plus you get to work with owners, engineers and general contractors."

Sarah also enjoys the management style at CULLITON. "They’re always quick to point out your successes and acknowledge you for your achievements. We’ve got a very smart team here and I love being a part of it."