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Do you take this company as your service provider? I do.

Supporting a customer is a little like being in a marriage, according to CULLITON Service Manager Warren Riehl.

"Whatever they need, you're there for them."

That's one reason CULLITON's 25 largest customers have been depending on them for so long - some as long as 25 to 30 years. These lasting business relationships have been built on trust and the predictability of fast, reliable support when it's needed most.

"And it all starts with good communication," explains Warren. "First we make sure we know exactly what the problem is, then we do a thorough diagnosis so we can dive in and solve it."

CULLITON provides repair and preventative maintenance services for HVAC, mechanical and electrical systems, which helps to minimize expensive downtime for a wide variety of commercial, industrial and institutional customers.

And that service is available 24-7 through its customer service representatives, and after hours through its live call centre.

"It's a personal touch and it helps reassure our customers they're going to get prompt attention," says Warren. "It's not about leaving a message and wondering if you'll get a call back."

CULLITON technicians, he adds, are highly trained and use the latest, top-quality tools. They all have Blackberries and trucks are equipped with GPS systems, which streamline the dispatch process and gets them on site sooner.

"My job is extremely rewarding," says Warren, who enjoys meeting new customers in person.

"There's a lot of relationship building that goes on. It's all about trust and growing that trust over time."