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New Construction & Equipment Replacement


CULLITON is a strong multi-trade contractor performing Mechanical, Electrical, and HVAC installation projects of all sizes and descriptions. We have an impressive record of completing complex projects, including those in new new construction, total building renovation, and equipment replacement. Our customers come from a variety of sectors, including Heavy Industry, Commercial Retail, Healthcare, Energy, Education, Government, and Finance. We have worked on all project types, including Factories, Schools, Post-Secondary Institutions, Data Centers, Nursing Homes, and High-rise buildings.

We are respected for our ability to complete projects in all phases of construction. From greenfield large-scale construction to complex renovation work during continued building operations. We have worked in high security facilities requiring special security clearance and in highly sensitive hospital and laboratories, requiring stringent infection control procedures, during continued operations in the facility. 

We perform our work on budget and on schedule and have completed projects in partnership with the most sophisticated general contractors in the Country. Our clients trust us to deliver the Mechanical, Electrical and HVAC components of their key projects. Many Engineering firms, facilities management companies, public institutions, and private companies include CULLITON in their elite prequalified contractor list. 

Our continued success and growth as a company since 1932 has helped us attract and build great people. Our people operate in an environment gripped by the pride to deliver value to the customer.


CULLITON has a depth of experience in all sizes and categories of Mechanical projects and installations. From large multi-million dollar multiple year projects, to short schedule remove and replace jobs and everything in between.


CULLITON performs Electrical projects covering the full range of work in the electrical trade. From complex multi-million dollar long-term projects, to time sensitive fast turn around electrical upgrades.


CULLITON completes HVAC projects covering the full range of work in the hvac trade. From complex multi-million dollar long term projects, to time sensitive HVAC upgrades.