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Cheri Kryzanowski enjoys keeping the money flowing

It’s Cheri Kryzanowski’s job to make sure that everybody gets paid on time – whether it’s core suppliers, employees or utility companies. "Any money that comes into this company I get to spend," she jokes.

But in all seriousness, CULLITON is a company well known for taking pride in its commitment to paying on time. That means staying true to core supplier contract terms for payment and processing all other invoices promptly and professionally. "Once we receive an invoice, we usually get it approved and into the system in under two weeks," says Cheri, who also supervises three other department employees.

Since many core suppliers offer discounts for early payment, CULLITON is quick to seize those opportunities for savings. At the same time, CULLITON President & CEO Tim Culliton is mindful of the cash flow needs of smaller companies. "He’s very aware the small guy is not interested in waiting 60 days to get paid," says Cheri.

"We don’t get phone calls from people wondering where their cheques are because we have a payment schedule and we stick to it," says Cheri. "It’s my job to keep track of who’s been paid and for what."

And that’s a job she happens to love.

Cheri joined the company in 2003, doing entry-level administrative work, but before long assumed positions of increasing responsibility. She also sought professional training – something CULLITON encouraged and helped pay for.

"I feel I’m really appreciated here," she says. "They show it and they’re good at it."