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A Twist of Fate + Opportunity = Success for Mike Graham

Mike Graham was a college student when he started working for CULLITON back in 1986. He was hired as a general labourer for what was just supposed to be a summer job. But things have a way of changing when you least expect it. Mike never left.

He stayed on with the company, signed up as an apprentice plumber and for the next 25 years worked his way up through the ranks to become Senior Construction Superintendent.

"What has always impressed me about this company is the strong leadership and the desire to be constantly improving and adapting to new and better ways of doing things," says Mike. "There’s never any complacency."

Mike has since managed multi-million-dollar projects all across the province, including a more than $25-million state-of-the-art data centre for one of the biggest banks in Canada. The highly-sophisticated data centre, located right in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario was the biggest and fastest project in the company’s history.

With just 10 months to complete the job, Mike and the CULLITON team faced a formidable challenge.

"The deadlines and scheduling were extremely stressful, but whatever we needed we got from the company," says Mike. "The great thing about working for CULLITON is they do whatever it takes to get the job done – and done well. That’s reassuring for our customers and very rewarding for me."